Cognitive Dissonance

In today’s article, I’m going to talk about cognitive dissonance.

It is the state of mind where what we do goes against what we think or believe.

It applies to all of us.

We’re all guilty of contradicting ourselves.

We do stupid things even though we know they’re stupid.

Why? Because self-justification comes easy.

Here’s a very simple example.

We all know that smoking kills.

Even smokers know that but they still do it.

They have reasons to justify it:

“I know it’s not healthy but it’s okay if I do it because…”

“…it helps me relax.” “…it’s a habit I can’t quit.” “…I think I want to die soon anyway.”

These inconsistencies in beliefs cause disharmony.

When we make a decision that doesn’t turn out right, we don’t easily want to admit it do we?

Instead, we let self-justification kick in. That’s our defense mechanism. It’s normal. It’s what helps us sleep at night.

It’s surprising how many arguments we can come up with just to reassure ourselves.

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Bullying: A Legitimate Workplace Issue

Bullying can be seen and experienced in many ways. For the most part, it’s any conduct that is unwelcome, hostile, or frightful. It can be physical, mental, or verbal.

Bullying is usually associated with school children and teens. But these days, even adults experience it. It is actually prevalent in some offices.

The issue of workplace bullying is not limited to a single type of behavior. It includes individual attacks, for example, shouting, gossiping, disengagement, micromanagement and toxic workload.

Usually, bullying is more of a personal attack on a certain individual and is normally unrelated to the job or work environment itself.

According to researchers, workplace bullying is on the rise. And this is because of a lot of factors. It could be due to a toxic work environment that tolerates this kind of behavior. It could also be due to unhealthy competition. Personality factors could also be in play.

If you are a target of workplace bullying or corporate bullying, then your career will be affected. Your bully’s actions will cause a lot of problems for you. For example, you could miss out on promotions because your manager refuses to provide training and feedback. Here’s another example. Let’s say you have a colleague who constantly takes credit for your work. You will not get the recognition that you deserve if this persists. If you are always being intimidated by a workplace bully, then you might feel reluctant to voice out your opinions. People who are non-confrontational might have a more difficult time dealing with workplace bullies. However, confrontation is not always needed to address this issue.

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Dedicated For Everyone

“The fishing is best where the fewest go and the collective insecurity of the world makes it easy for people to hit home runs while everyone is aiming for base hits.”
― Timothy Ferriss

“Living a life somewhere else in your mind is nothing more than being a prisoner where you are.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“What else can I do? Once you’ve gone this far you aren’t fit for anything else. Something happens to your mind. You’re overqualified, overspecialized, and everybody knows it. Nobody in any other game would be crazy enough to hire me. I wouldn’t even make a good ditch-digger, I’d start tearing apart the sewer-system, trying to pick-axe and unearth all those chthonic symbols – pipes, valves, cloacal conduits… No, no. I’ll have to be a slave in the paper-mines for all time.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman

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Success Qoutes For Everyone

“I’ve been very lucky at what’s happened in my career to date, but playing something as far from me as possible is an ambition of mine – anything from a mutated baddy in a comic book action thriller, to a detective. If anything, I’d like Gary Oldman’s career: he’s the perfect example of it. I’ve love to have a really broad sweep of characters – to be able to do something edgy, surprising and unfashionable.”
― Benedict Cumberbatch

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Influential Career Quotes

“What if you were wrong? What if everything you ever believed was a lie? What if you missed your opportunity because you didn’t know your worth? What if you settled on familiar, but God was trying to give you something better? What if you decided not to go backwards, but forward? What if doing what you have never done before was the answer to everything that didn’t make sense? What if the answer wasn’t to be found in words, but in action? What if you found the courage to do what you really wanted to do and doing it changed your whole life?”

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