The Idea Of Critical Thinking For Problem Solving

The kind of problems you may run into cannot be really defined. Even at your workplace, you may come across a hundred different situations and quite a lot of them may be unfavorable. So, precisely how do you want to handle it? Do you have a feasible working plan in mind? This is exactly what we are going to deal with here.

The logic behind critical thinking

Critical thinking is known to be one of the most effective ways of finding the real problem and then coming up with possible solutions which can be implemented for the right results. One of the main reasons as to why employees fail to solve a deadlock at the office is because, in most of the cases, they fail to find the real problem.

Until and unless you know the root cause, how are you ever going to find an outcome to solve it? The finding of cause is often the most crucial aspect and this is where critical thinking comes into the picture.

The WHYs

This is one of the basic foundations of critical thinking. Whenever you find yourself amidst a problematic scenario, you should make it a point to brainstorm the details with numerous rounds of Whys. The idea here is to keep asking why until you reach the base of the matter.

While this might not sound very effective right now, it is known to solve a lot of problems. Let us clear things with an example.

Imagine a case wherein you had a failed deadline at work which ended up costing the firm dearly. Now, as a project manager, you need to take up the responsibility and use the critical thinking formula.

Here are some of the sensible why’s you need to think of.

Why did the delay occur?

  • Lack of Team coordination

Why didn’t the team coordinate properly?

  • Communication gap

Why did the communication gap occur?

  • Lack of sound documentation

So, here you found the problem. Now, you could possibly branch into further whys but they would be redundant or useless. You can easily see that the key reasons behind the delay were the lack of a written document.

If all the details were well-formatted and neatly written down, it would have prevented the commutation gap and the team could have then coordinated and the timely submission must have occurred.

Is it now clear as to how critical thinking could not only help you get to the root of the problem but also make seeking solution a whole lot easier as well? This is why critical thinking is known to be one of the most effective tools as far as problem solving is concerned.

You need to know how to handle things to get the best possible results. We know that you need to have the right kind of authority to get the answers to all the why’s. In such cases, you can always frame a problem statement first and have some of your senior sign it. This would give you the authority to dig into further details.

In the corporate world, you are bound to face quite a lot of challenges. If you want to emerge successful, it is critical to hone the right skills. You do not want to be stuck as just another mundane employee doing the routine job. A great employee is one who isn’t afraid to take up challenges and who constantly strives to grow and evolve because stagnation won’t do any good to either your career and/or your confidence.

So, start working on your problem solving skills today and implement the critical thinking logic to get the best results. And you can also read this article about the topic.

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