Three Common Mistakes in Answering What is Your Weakness

The most significant errors in “what’s your weakness” interview question.

Much like onion slicing, there may be a correct way to reply this, and there are numerous incorrect approaches to answer this query.


Let’s begins with the first three.


1) Denial

“Weak point? What is this word, weak point? I am as sturdy just like an ox.”


Oh no. Denial is an awful answer; the capability uses of false boastfulness and attitudes in your speech announcing that you have no weaknesses. You’re additionally suggesting to stop the possibilities to hire you with the employer.


An answer like this (which does not reply) is a guaranteed way to get the signature “thanks, but no, thanks” from the Human resources.


No ideal perfect person doesn’t have a weak spot.


Not even Superman (Kryptonite) answering straightforward the interview question “what is your weaknesses?” which you have no any weak spot makes you look boastful (this is not suitable), but can also make you seem like you are hiding something actively which you are covered with a hefty dose of deprivation.


It can appear that folks that respond in this manner haven’t any self-cognisance and absence self-complaint … which might be an excellent caution sign to the Human Resources.


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2) Strength as Your Weakness

“Oh, my God, what is my weakness? I think you may say I work too hard … but because I really love my job … I cannot do something without making sure it is 100% accurate … even supposing it meant sacrifice all my spare time and work hours later to make certain all is well prepared or well organized. ”


Ugh. Put this man or woman’s shoes seriously, because BS gather right here! Such an answer similar to this can also look like a worrying way to show modest however powerful. However, all it does is making your appearance fake and unreal.


3) This Isn’t A Giggling

“Psst … can I let you know a bit secret? Is it ok? … but you need to swear that you will not inform everyone… My largest weak spot is Kryptonite and candy.”


First, you’re entirely banned from superheroes unknown club (secret identification way that it’s far a mystery genius!)

2nd, you aren’t kidding anybody with funny / not a kind funny amswer like this.


While you solve a query like this with a funny story, you assert two things to a human resource. Number one, you’re not giving respect enough this query of questioning (that could lead them to consider that you are not a serious candidate) and extensive two, let’s be honest … you look stupid.

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